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If you are looking for a job we have one of the best tools you could ever imagine for separating yourself from the competition. It is the VIZUMAY - Your Online Video Resume.

There is more competition in the job market now than ever before. HR reps and Employers are receiving literally hundreds and in some cases even thousands of resumes and applications for openings. That makes it nearly impossible for you to even get your resume and skills looked at - much less considered.

Our Online Video Resume dramatically increases your chances of getting noticed and considered for any job that you are qualified for.

Think about it - Employers and HR Reps get hundreds of resumes and applications to sort through. How can they possibly give all of them an objective consideration. The fact is they CAN’T. So it becomes a giant process of elimination for them to weed out those who won’t work and then sort out the remaining few. In order to eliminate as many as possible they often make sweeping generalizations about people based on the written experience and education in their resume. Thus making your resume just a needle in the haystack - that might have a real shot if they could just get to know you.

Take just a moment and put yourself in their shoes. How do you decide? In most cases you do not know much about them, you don’t know what they look like or what their personality may be. It is a tough process.

So here is how our system helps you.

First we take your Resume and go over it and polish it up. Our team of experienced professionals can make your resume look its best. Then we give you a dedicated webpage. On this web page is all of the information that is on your resume, a high quality Photo and a bio. Plus we make your resume a downloadable PDF for any potential employer to print. Now here is one of the best parts - we also professionally produce a video of you giving your very best 30-60 second speech telling prospective employers why you are the best for the job. This is HUGE. If you have been looking for work for anytime at all - then you probably already see what a game changer this can be for you. But that is not all.

We will also give you 1000 Professionally Produced Resume Cards with your Picture and contact information and the website to your Online Video Resume, plus we also put a QR Code so they can jump straight to your webpage right from their smartphone or tablet.

These cards are the magic to the whole system. 1000 cards is a lot of cards. The idea is that you can hand these out to everyone who is even thinking about hiring someone with your skills. The fact that they have not seen anything like this before will get you noticed.

Websites cost of hundreds dollars to have professionally created. Videos easily run into the thousands to have made. We are putting all of this together at an credible price - because we want to help you land the job of your dreams.

If you are ready to get started - Click the Place an Order button above fill out the easy online form and you will be on your way to getting the job you deserve.